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“What Was YOUR Experience of Power of Now Web Classes #1-5?”

What was your experience of watching the class or doing the exercises? Everyone wants to hear it the good, the bad and the ugly!

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  1. Jeanne Cameron says:

    I had previous read Lesson 2 on the Ego’s Web and think I need to clean out my garage so I can make more space for ME. Thanks for that powerful image….it worked well for me.

  2. Jacqueline Lestersen says:

    I am hoping to find peace, my purpose, enlightenment and a healthier/happier me. I am excited and can’t wait, thank you! LOve always, Jackie

  3. Jacqueline Lestersen says:

    Also…I forgot to mention the most important thing, I LOve Echart Tollie and I have a dream…Of a “New Earth” filled with LOve, Joy, peace and compassion…Surrounded by the light of god! LOve always, Jackie

  4. Heidy Balazsy Mcinnis says:

    This is so wonderful!
    Thank you so much!

  5. Baratosi Iosif-Gavril says:

    Hello!My english is not so good.I read in romanian an hungarian the books of Eckhart Tolle.
    I’m interest to find the truth,to be free.Unfortunetly I canot take just the free lessons.
    But I will continue alone,att home.
    Thank You!
    Joseph Baratosi

  6. Evelyn Noel says:

    Hi, I live in an environment that is toxic to my joy and peace, at this time I can’t move out and need this kind of class to help me become stronger against a very strong ego and pain body in my daughter. I’ve read several of Eckert toilly’s books and these classes should help me put some of the puzzle pieces together. with love Evelyn

  7. janie king says:

    My main concern right now would be how to live in the present, the now, without feeling stuck and move forward in life in a positive way,,,,, change scares me but my comfort zone feels like I’m not living to my fullest being….

  8. Amy Carrasco says:

    I’m 36 yrs old mother of 2 married.. I’m walking around lost in life. No sense of direction. I need help and guidance. I hope I find it here. Ty Amy

  9. kim vilakazi says:

    I read A New Earth and it completely changed my life. I used to feel very sorry for myself, and I was always very sad and constantly thought about what happened to me in the past and the people who have done me wrong. Now I recognise the ego. When I start feeling sorry for myself I tell the ego that I no longer identify with it and it must leave me alone. It works like a charm. The ego is not as powerful as it used to be before I read the book. Now I feel like a new person. I feel priviledged to have had the opportunity to read the book and drink in the fountain of your enlightenment. Thank you Eckhart, for sharing this with the world.
    With love, Kim

  10. Myriam Hernandez says:

    Hi, I found peace and joy thanks to the practice of the teachings of Eckhart in his books.
    To be in the present moment and to feel the inner body make me happy and very productive. Also, I communicate better with people since I do not label them in any way.
    Thank you,

  11. Diane Shaffer says:

    I feel like I’m awake again, been sleepin for a while. Stillness welcomed me back with a present for me.
    I was taking by break outside, smoking my break, but i was awake, I noticed the music on the speakers was “Smoke Gets In Your eyes” (instermental) then noticed the branches had started to move with the cool breeze in beat of the music. Peace, and above all gratefulness that I was awake, to be a part of such beauty.
    So I’m back again, and this time, hope I can stay awake longer.
    Thank you for offering this course free. Nuf said
    Peace, happy trails

  12. Gail Lloyd says:

    With this course, I intend to move on from the trials and wounds of the past few years
    and reclaim my artistic, creative nature. Move from the old repeating cycles of shock,
    trauma and anxiety into a sense of purpose and reconnection with my emotions
    in a meaningful and powerful way. I intend to find a way to bring forth my natural
    abilities to lead and set and example once again. I intend to have greater balance
    and be able to construct a life for myself that will move me decisively towards
    functioning productively in the world and having more positive and healing love
    in my immediate world. I wish to thank everyone here for all the great life lessons
    and support up to this point.

  13. Luke Youree says:

    @Jacqueline Lestersen: Searching can take forever. But thinking in the present moment that you already have peace, a purpose, enlightenment and whatever else will surely bring it into your experience that much faster, as all your power lies in, and only in, the ‘Now’, moment. It is all there in every moment of ‘Now’, we need only recognize it. Furthermore, I believe this course should definitely help with these things, and reaffirm what you already know to be true in your being.

  14. Nicole Olivet says:

    Hello, I have read the “Power of Now” and I am currently living in a foreign country and really struggling with the language…I am wondering how learning to live more in the present might help me with this challenege. I also am adjusting to my new life here and getting over a broken heart. I need to learn how to dissolve or live better with this pain. Looking forward to the web classes.

  15. Alex says:


    Some people say I have a lack of humility.

    When I try to be confident, people say I have an offhand and insolent attitude.

    I am a student and have to work hard to prepare my entrance exams, very often I have no energy, I feel tired and indifferent to people, nonchalant.

    But inside of me I want to be good, offer value to people, just don’t know how to change myself.

    Hope it will help me,

    Thanks Brendon.

    – Alex

  16. Luke Youree says:

    @Nicole Olivet: living in the moment empowers you to better deal with whatever comes your way in every subsequent moment of now! However, clock time is usually necessary to get over and/or through certain issues, such as a ‘broken heart’. The culprit is psychological time, which indicates a person either worrying about what might happen or dwelling on what has already happened. A problem is anything other than living in the ‘now’.

  17. karen ashabranner says:

    HI, I’m not sure what I”M doing but I have decided to expand into unknown territory. I have always played it safe. Now i hope I am ready to begin a new chapter in life that involves being real. I am not sure what will happen or what to expect and a part of me is still holding on the familiar path. I am not even sure what this is all about but I felt drawn to it so here a I am.

  18. Dorn Simon-Sinnott says:

    Hi Brendan
    I am hoping to learn to relax, and gain insight on how to stop my pain or reduce it,to releive myself of my ego, and become more empowered for a healthier me, therefore being in a position to help others, as various paths are interlinked towards that in my life, but I must heal first, and only I can do that from within.

  19. Lesley Paterson says:

    @Baratosi Iosif-Gavril:
    the truth, baratosi is to be found inside your very own self, your heart, your soul knows the answer, it’s the head, the conditioned thoughts that will all come up to defend the ego, which is mind/thought/narrows your soul, as it is challenged, you are already full and complete and already hold the answers, but know this,more often than not, as you strive forward on this path, everything that is not true and whole will be brought up in your head and in circumstances that appear around you, to compete and draw you back into fear, so breathe strong and go forward, the truth is you, and the fear (which is unreal) is only doubt and is afraid of truth. xoxox

  20. Cuqui Torres says:

    Hi,I also don’t know much about it.But anything that is good and will help with all these stresses going on in my life at this moment I will give it a try.Thank-You for making it free.

  21. Nancy Cralle says:

    I am hoping to further the information that I received in A New Earth and The Power Of Now. I want to be able to stay in the moment always, instead of doing it when I think of it, and then forgetting again. I want to learn more about losing my ego, or making it powerless. Thank you Brian for making Eckhart’s teachings available to us. Namaste~

  22. Rachel Caron says:

    yes I Am logged in.Yes i am subscribed to entry.

  23. Herbert Herman says:


  24. sally krenzel says:

    Reading A New Earth has awakened me to the reality that I am not my ego or my thoughts. I have thoughts but I no longer believe my thoughts to be my reality. That is so freeing. I feel like a new person, free and much more alive.

  25. Dorn Simon-Sinnott says:

    I found the breathing exercises lightened my heaviness of being, it oxegenated my blood flow, the breaking away from thought is difficult for me but it did calm them down, will root out the book and some beads for next class, I wish to arrive at the place the lady who commented directly above has, as I can imagine how freeing that must feel, and my thoughts, perceptions create phobias and non existing scenarios which is detrimental in health and spirit and being.

    Thanks, worth being up in the middle of the night for lol

  26. Rossin Dimitrov says:

    Hugs to all!

  27. Dan P says:

    @Baratosi Iosif-Gavril: Haho’ Bartosi. Yes, I understand. I’ll probably be doing the same free lessons, just like you.

  28. kim vilakazi says:

    After reading A New Earth my life took a shift for the better. The book is lying right next to my bible. Whenever I need to de-clutter I either grab the bible or the book. So I decided to lend it my friend. I told her to keep an open mind when reading. To my astonishment, she didn’t like it. The book just didn’t resonate with her. So, as Brendon says, if your time to be awakened hasn’t come, the book won’t have that much meaning to you. You have to be ready!!!!

  29. EARL HARRIS says:

    thank you for your efforts

  30. Bill Butler says:

    Just wanted to say thank you & congratulations for your presentation the other night, I enjoyed the exercises, & really felt the presence. I am really looking forward to next weeks webinar. Thanks again, & Happy Thanksgiving all.

  31. alex says:

    Just watched the video. It’s awesome man. Especially the third (and last) meditation, I was able to feel so many things I never payed attention to.

    Thank you. Keep it going.



  32. roslyn Halperin says:

    @kim vilakazi:

    thanks for the reminder.. i always want to suggest this to my kids.. but they arent interested.. at the same time i dont often meditate myself.. i hope this helps.. thanks brendon. i loved the last meditation.. rh

  33. roslyn Halperin says:

    @Nicole Olivet:

    along with this and the power of now.. read Loving What Is and i NEED your Love is that true.. by Byron Katie to get over a broken heart.
    I did.. best wishes, rozzie

  34. James Fownes says:


    I was hoping that you could email me or address a question I have: what are the benefits of losing the ego or living from consciousness instead of mind and ego? I know peace is one, but what I having a hard time with as I seem to get closer is my ego flaring up and screeming: “your friends and family won’t accept the new you”, “you’ll be boring”, etc. etc.

    I appreciate any help and comments!


  35. martien van aalst says:

    In the beginning it sounded to me like dubble dutch, may be it is because I am Dutch.
    But after a quarter of an hour I got the feeling and the peace coming over me as if I was entering a new world. I felt relaxed and calm and now I looking forward to the next class.
    It is a pitty that I could not follow the claas live, may be it will be able next time.
    Thank you very much and all the best wishes.

  36. karen ashabranner says:

    I just finished session 2. I was surprised how much i enjoyed the breath work. I thought I would be board just sitting around breathing. I hope I can learn to stopping doing and make time for stillness.

  37. terri guadagna says:

    First I would to thank you Brendon for bringing this to life. I am learning or relearning I am something and whatever it is I am grateful for being open to receive. I agree that fellowship is important and am looking for a group to join where we sahre our experiences and grow into higher Conscieniousness.

  38. yoli montes says:

    The breathing is relaxing but at times could be a little hard to sit still. I’m excitied to learn more anything about Eckhart tolle is inspiring. Thank You so much:)

  39. Lois Jucksch says:

    I too have read ANE and feel a change in my life but wanted more guidance. Thank you Brendon, for giving this gift to us. I am with many people when I work and today I greeted a gentleman who was wearing tubes from his oxygen tank that he was pulling and his response to my greeting was a beautiful smile saying that he was glad to be able to see the grass from the top. When we spoke I felt that we truly connected, sharing a very profound joy of being alive. I felt it deeply and still do as I write. His smile and our connection with our eyes reminded me that we are all truly one. My goal is to meditate more and make it a part of my daily ritual. Thank you again.

  40. Drago Plecko says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I am 58, have a M.Sci. degree in organic chemistry and authored more then 350 TV films for Croatian National TV. I suggested the Croatian publisher VBZ to publish the book “The Power of Now” and it became a major attraction in this market. Almost all my public appearences are followed by quotes of Eckhart Tolle.
    I was practicing yoga for 40 years (TM-sidhi & Sant Mat), but the most unusual experiences came with Eckhart Tolle’s excercises which I accepted few years ago.
    Briefly: Sometimes I enter the state when I can literally feel, as a bodily feeling described by Eckhart, the colors I am looking at. It is followed by a fantastically fast train of thoughts that are, as I believe, the associations with events in my life connected to that color. After that, I can even taste the same color and suddenly have a short insight that tells me that everything around me, the whole World with all sensory inputs, is contained inside my consciousness, on the level of described feelings. Like they never left!
    I couldn’t find any explanation in any Scriptures or texts that could satisfy my curiosity. For awhile, I thought something could be wrong with my brain but everything seems OK.
    And: I am completely mentally healthy person.
    Where is the end of that road?
    Drago Plecko, M.Sci.

  41. Drago Plecko says:

    Here is one concrete question: I have some spinal problems and physical pain. If we suppose it’s the same pain as in the case of the “pain body” does paying attention on the physical pain as on the pain body could give similar effects?

  42. Lois Jucksch says:

    I just watched and participated in #3 and was able to meditate deeper than I ever have before. Thank you again, Brendon. You asked us to comment on what we wanted to cover. I also noticed that there are questions among the comments above. Do you ever address the questions or is this space for comments only? I have an issue that I would like considered as a topic in the future and that is guilt and forgiveness. Guilt is an issue with me at this time and I have questions around it.

  43. Steffen Petersen says:

    this web class is so cool. its amazing how ive changed and actually not changed in this short time. thumbs up :)

  44. terri guadagna says:

    Hi I am so grateful to have Brendon and his simple teaching of how to live NOW in the NOW in front of me. The past 4 weeks have been an amazing gift. My mind has become quite despite of the activity I watch. I notice that the thought comes than the feeling I embrace the feelings no clinging and than let them BE no need to change just allow all to BE In this moment there is NOTHING that isnt “supposed” to BE.
    God is awesome…………..
    Be Blessed Brendon and your wife as well I beautiful testament of the NOW….

  45. Rossin Dimitrov says:

    @Drago Plecko:
    Dear Drago, from this view here i feel that, yes, it does give the same effects because it burns the impatience and resistance to the reality of the situation, besides, this pain since it can be persistant it can be used as constant reminder to be silent and feel the energy body.

    One thing i do in a similar situation is focus silently on other healthy areas of the body, feel the vibrations of the inner body there, then gradually make them “creep” to the place with pain. By the time they are there, these vibrations are quite amplyfied because focussing on them amplyfies them.

    So yes, to my feeling, use the pain as impatience and pain body burner, inner silence reminder, but acceptance should not in any case mean passive inactivity so of course see regular physician, chinese/Tibethian doctor or/and do some healing energy practices (for example Tensegrity Magical Passes or some Mantak Chia taoist healing exercises…).
    be well!

  46. Rossin Dimitrov says:

    @Drago Plecko:
    Dear drago,
    again, this is only one view among many others as reply to your question:
    you started to perceive things beyond the perceptions of the daily world so why should this be associated with being unhealthy :) ?

    You ask about ‘mental health’: we in the daily world are beings of ‘inventory’, of mental inventory–a description of the world that we gradually identify with. When something challenges this description our mental inventory feels threatened(remember the little spider metaphor from Brendon’s class–it holds dearly into all items of its inventory the way these monkeys hold onto the seeds in the gourd even when the hunters come to hunt them). So my feeling is that yes, you are absolutely healthy and the fact that you have new visions and perceptions doesn’t in any case maky unhealthy. What(i feel) can make one unhealthy in such case is to put too much importance on such perceptions or to start to react emotionally to them (which doesn’t seem to be your case). As far as i know mentally ill people make chaos out of order perceptionwise through overreacting. Also, do not be impressed by the fleeting or ‘chaotic’ nature that such visions may have: it is a new position of the focal point of perception that you assemble and this point isn’t too stable in new positions so it may fluctuate which results in rushed or fleeting, disorderly visions. Some of these visions may be completely phantomatic(with no actual energy behind them), some may be just byproduct of our psychological crap accumulated through our years, or others may be clearcut perceptions of real energetic places, beings or pieces of knowledge–your feeling will inform you about which is which :) One thing is for sure: when one practices inner silence persistantly one crosses a threshold of sorts beyond which you get in touch with something called Silent Knowledge: you can acces whole chunks of knowledge & information beyond your physical boundries or walls, because you are in conscious unity with your inner/energy body that can extend beyond these boundries. By all means the best advise is(to myself the same:D!):sobriety, joy, lightness!
    best to you!

  47. Rossin Dimitrov says:

    Thank you so much Brendon for these the most indepth energy explorations onecan come across! Thank you and Happy New Year to you and everyone here!

    I am still running and re-running these recordings: they are so multy-layered! They touch key elements that very few systems touch or even recognise as key elements. These classes go beyond mind-dictated fragmentation, decrown the ego and expose its tricks and workings, lead into profound vibrant energizing and access to our, hardly used, caches of inner silence and energy resources, access calm serenity despite any circumstances and our very link with infinity!
    Thank You!

  48. Gerald Rennie says:

    This is just what I needed. I have found out a lot about myself and all the terms used in the book the power of now, are ringing true.

  49. nihal bhat says:

    that was a nice experience with the youtube meditation. i look forward to this experience and reaching to others as well.

    i practise meditation for 5 years with a different group, and it has reaped some good benefits. yours is good also.

  50. rawan 7arrouk says:

    hi I am from Syria, this book THE POWER OF NOW is such a successfu interpretation of acase called NONRESISTANCE in ANEW EARTH that I read since we studied it at Damascus university .
    It is very helpful to accept and surrender to the present moment, every one should read the amazing story IS THAT SO.

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