Spiritual Coaching with Brendon

“Do You Need Someone To Talk To

About Your Deep Personal Challenges & Questions?

We Can Talk, Just Me and You.”

This is a one-time opportunity to receive personal Spiritual Coaching with me. Now’s your chance for my undivided attention and presence. Just me and you.

Our Spiritual Coaching Sessions will help you get through what’s holding you back from taking your next step on the Path of Awakened Action.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be lost, trapped or suffer anymore.

I’m here to tell you that you have a light and Presence inside of you that is so powerful it can transform you for the rest of your life.

I’m here to remind you that your True Self, your Spirit, your Soul is already perfect, whole and complete, just below the surface of your masks, fears and past pain. It’s not your fault, you are innocent, and there is hope for us all. With my personal guidance and support you can get through anything and become all you were meant to be.

I am now offering 3 Spiritual Coaching Packages:

1. One 1-Hour Session

2. One Month Breakthrough – Once per Week for 4 weeks (about 1 Hour each) where you will Grow in Presence Power so that you can break free from you ego and pain-body and finally feel free, whole and complete. To get you out of your rut and keep you on track in your awakening process.

3. A 90-Day Transformation Program (12 Weekly Sessions) where you will break through your barriers & habits, and make real and permanent change in your life. To fully become A New You.

I only have space in my calendar for 10 Coaching Clients because I am busy creating more and more videos and resources for the 1000 people in the A New You Program Membership.

I am only taking the first 10 people who click “Add To Cart“  and register.

You owe it to yourself to get all of the help you need to finally be fully free & alive!

Choose your Package by Clicking “Add To Cart” in one of the 3 boxes below.

One Session (1 Hour)

Regular Price $247

Today $197

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Breakthrough Month – 1 x Week for 4 Weeks

Regular Price $650 / month

Today $497 / month

This is a Deal at $125 / Session

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90-Day Transformation Program

12 Weekly Sessions

Regular Price $1797

Today $1197

This is Your Best Value at $99 / Session

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**Offer Only for the first 10 Participants

then this price and page disappears**

To Your Best Life,


PS: Consider this an investment in your own happiness and well-being which will improve your family and work life. Where else are you already spending this kind of money and not really getting anything out of it?

PPS: The reason I am offering these discounts is because this is the launch of the A New You Program.

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