Web Show With Greg Larsen – Dissolving the Pain-Body of Your Business Now

The Light Shine Interview Web Show

Archived Recording

With Christine Lumgair & Guest Greg Larsen

Dissolve the Pain Body of Your Business

To Liberate Yourself & Your Tribe

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You are in business to help people.

At one point, perhaps many years ago or just a few weeks ago, you connected with your inner purpose. You discovered that there was more to life than being in the rat race, working for the man. And you knew deep down that you had a gift to share.

You are now living it. You’ve taken a leap of faith, you’ve put yourself out there, and now you’re helping others.

You’ve succeeded at so much already… but…. BUT…. there is still something that’s not quite right.

Perhaps you:

- are helping lots of people but sacrificing your own life

- feel out of balance because this “dream” business isn’t all you hoped it would be

- know that you are providing value for your clients, but your bank-account isn’t reflecting that value

- are not sure how to take that next step into being a public figure

If you resonate with any of these feelings, you’re not alone! Believe me!

I’ve experienced a fair share of struggling… and suffering… in my pursuit to help more people and “save” the world. It hasn’t always been easy.

Looking back now, I’ve come a long ways. I realize that my struggle occurred when I was allowing fear, my own limiting beliefs, or as Eckhart Tolle calls it, my “pain body” to run my thoughts, my business and my life.

When I released my pain body, I was free! I was then able to claim my power and be my “big me”!

I believe that leadership starts at the top – that’s you! Your consciousness can be felt sub-consciously by your community members, your tribe.

When we dissolve our pain body, we are being in even greater service to our tribe…. and we can ENJOY life more!

This interview is with spiritual teacher Greg Larsen, who is an expert in the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

I asked him how we can all dissolve our fears, our limitations, and our pain body, so we can grow our ourselves, grow our business, and make an even greater impact on the planet.

Greg guided us through a meditation and visualization, which will support you in having a SHIFT, a SPARK, an “aha” moment!

Give yourself, and your tribe, this gift of liberation!

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The 3 Pillars of How To Be a Power Couple – Interview Recording

The smoochy, smoochy and chocolate kisses of Valentine’s Day are over. Now what? Here’ how to use that relationship momentum to take it to a deeper level.

What is the purpose of your relationship?

Are you providing support that nurtures your partner’s inner and outer purpose?

What does the support you need look like for you?

Do you have a purposeful relationship that provides “space” for you and your partner to grow in Presence Power?

In this Teleseminar recording, Christine and I have a dialogue interview with Greg Larsen (from LivingWithTolle.com) and his wife Sarah. We discuss different perspectives on how Eckhart Tolle’s teachings can help us understand romantic relationships as a powerful catalyst for spiritual transformation.

In this tele-seminar you will learn:

- The real reason why people feel disconnected in their relationships and how this can lead to feeling spiritually unnourished and lacking passion and enthusiasm

- What are the three pillars of a Powerful Couple and how to boost those immediately

- How to fulfill your unmet needs by exploring what support looks like to you

Testimonial from Terry Lyle:

“Thanks for another very interesting teleseminar… I had to laugh out loud at Brendon’s comment that “Guys don’t get hints”. And, I had to admit that is true. Brendon, you’ve provided a genuine service to all of us in admitting that truth. Let’s face it and move on…I also connected with Sarah’s and Christine’s comments about the need to be recognized. Dorothy is there also. She often reminds me of her prescence by saying “It’s all about me”!. And I couldn’t agree with her more. If you knew her you would be startled by her comment. She has been the woman the Christine described (if I remember correctly) as the one who gives and cares and gives more. I am okay with her “taking” something for herself.” from LivingWithTolle.com Blog.

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Please leave a COMMENT sharing your experience of spiritual growth in one of your relationships, or an inspiring story of being a Power Couple.