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with Christine Lumgair and guest Suze Casey

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Do you want to write and publish your own book?

Do you want to set yourself in the energy of receiving the good that is there and available to you and your business?

Do you want to break through any limiting beliefs that have held you back, and create new and supportive beliefs to take your platform to the next level?

I interviewed Suze Casey, who was recently awarded the Hay House book contract and Hay House Radio show!

Suze attended the Movers & Shakers workshop at the I CAN DO IT! Conference, in Toronto last September. In early December she received a phone call from Reid Tracy, the CEO of Hay House. Reid gave her the good news that she won the radio show, and not only that, but the book contract too!

During this one-hour interview, I asked Suze how she did it.

Download the recording of this 1-hour free web-show and learn:

  • What were the key ingredients in Suze’s book proposal
  • What she did in her video submission that set her apart from the rest
  • How she has built a successful platform over the last 10 + years
  • How Suze overcame limiting beliefs that were previously holding her back… beliefs like:

- “I don’t deserve it.”
- “My life isn’t perfect so how could I really be a huge success?”
- “I’ve been told that my business has flaws and I feel insecure about moving forward. ”

Learn how Suze overcame these obstacles to be awarded the Hay House contest… and how YOU CAN TOO!

When Reid Tracy called her with the good news, Suze did everything she could to contain the tears. When she hung up the phone, she released tears of joy, gratitude and relief.

She shared what these tears were really about. And the inner-conflict she had to resolve within herself.

She knows that resolving those inner-conflicts created the positive space for her dreams to be realized.

Do you have limiting beliefs that have been holding you back? Dreams you want to realize?

Do you want to set yourself in the energy of receiving the good that is there and available to you and your business?

Suze lead us through through the technique she has developed called Belief Re-patterning ® to release whatever is holding you back in achieving your next big goal.

I have personally used Belief Re-patterning many times and have experienced amazing results. In fact, every time I have a Belief Re-patterning session, I attract a new client!

Belief Re-patterning is a practical and efficient method of releasing beliefs that have limited you. This learning technique is completely complimentary with all forms of healing and treatment and works within all religious or spiritual belief systems. This technique is a synthesis of psychology, energy work, kinesthetics, an understanding of brain development, learning styles and positive thinking strategies.

Re-pattern your beliefs around your book proposal and video submission!

We know that during the web-show you’ll experience one – or more – “aha” moments about your book proposal or video submission. This hour will shift up your business and your energy! Together we will learn from Suze’s journey and her success.

To find our more about Belief Re-Patterning or book a session with Suze or one of the Practionners visit:

Video of Suze’s official announcement sharing her Hay House win!

Suze’s Hay House video submission:

Hay House Cruise – my Top 3 “I Can Do Its”

Brendon & Christine Lumgair - Hay House I Can Do It CruiseWe just got back from the Hay House ” I CAN DO IT!” At Sea Cruise!

It was like floating on a cloud in Heaven for one week. It was amazing, the energy was palpable from the moment we stepped on board. Doreen Virtue was there and she brought the angels to the party!

Imagine… 1900 of the coolest, most conscious people on the planet, all together with the same intention of ” I Can Do It!”.  Whatever “It” was for each of us individually, we were affirming hope, personal power and growth.  There was also the celebration of the bigger “It”, of our awakening, our conscious community, and the earth.  It was a true joy to be around so many positive and uplifting people.

Here are my top 3 “I Can Do Its”, and if I can do it, so can you!

1. I can write a book.  I learned from Wayne Dyer and Cheryl Richardson that writing is a passion and a process. No matter what self-doubts pop up about “who am I to _____” or “I’d be crazy to _____”, I will patiently stop and thank the mind / belief system for trying to protect me, and keep letting the passion flow. All I need to do is sit down, pray, and write what comes through me. Writing isn’t about perfectionism ( I am a recovering-perfectionist). That’s why God created Editors, hooray! They get to do what they’re best at, and I will focus on what I’m best at.Brendon & Christine Lumgair - Hay House I Can Do It Cruise

2. I can make a difference without being published by giant publisher. Reid Tracy, the CEO of Hay House emphasized the reality facing authors and speakers today: you need to market your own book and manage your own professional speaking career.  Christine and I can both get caught up in what we call, “waiting for Oprah to call”.  This is creating content (book, training course, website), then stopping and waiting for someone else to walk up and hand you an audience. The lesson is to keep building your platform (your connection and relationship with your audience). This requires personal initiative, tenacity and of course, Grace.  Now when those thoughts pop-up in my head I remember that no one would publish Louise Hay’s first book You Can Heal Your Life, so she created Hay House at age (I believe) 61 and self-published it herself in the early 80′s.  That book has healed and transformed millions of lives, including helping me heal my own eyesight back to 20/20 and throw out my glasses 6 years ago.  Wayne Dyer also started out self-publishing and bought up the first three runs of his book, then drove city to city to city to city to city, giving talks and eventually appearing on Public Television.

3. I can instantly be myself with people.  Having the entire Cruise ship chartered for Hay House made this a holistic community.  It was easy to walk up to a table with people eating and ask to join them. Mentally, I knew these were all “woo-woo spiritual folks” just like me. That allowed me to let down my guard easily and enter into a deep and meaningful dialogue right away. We also delighted in chatting about where we lived, and what type of fruity cocktails we had on the beach that day. I realized, hey this is pretty easy, and I can slide into this more often.  Of course, just like in any other conversation, I needed to self-facilitate and share from my heart, when the opportunity was appropriate and there was a willingness to hear.

There is great value in being on a residential retreat with people for several days. Bonds form and new friendships blossom.

Feel free to make these “I can do its!” into your own “I can do its!”

Shine On!


Please leave a COMMENT letting us know one of your own personal “I can do its!” you are believing in right now!