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“How have you liked the Tele-Seminars?

What did you learn by listening to the tele-seminar and doing the practice and exercises? Me and your fellow A New You Program Members want to know!

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  1. Lois Jucksch says:

    Dear Brendon:
    I just wanted to comment on my experience during the last Q&A seminar. I had the question regarding the Haitian tragedy. It is difficult to put into words the experience I had and the results since. I am now finding that there is a new place or space where I can experience many feelings that were formerly conflicting and now they are just there, all together to feel without fear. There is so much more as well. I feel “expanded” or have a sense of more possibilities. As I said, words seem to fail me when I try to describe this new sense that is just there. Thank you for leading me into this new place and for the opportunity you have given me all who are participating. I have been asking for a “guide” and am so grateful that I received your invitation to join your telecast and participate in your Seminars.
    Gratefully, Lois Jucksch

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